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In The Hearts Of Emperors / Reka - Split LP


A saying that applies for this release is “still waters run deep”. In The Hearts Of Emperors from Sweden and Russia’s Reka team up to celebrate their common passion for atmospheric music beyond settled measures.
In The Hearts Of Emperors contribute one song that is entitled “dreams of hope and loneliness”, a nearly thirteen minutes long lasting masterpiece defined through three parts. Once again the atmosphere captures the room very fast and won’t let go till the needle lifts up. The song has a composite construction of an always surrounding melody which is carried through the entire running-time and at least is present with its keynotes. The other composites are the different arrangements, which are used to present the recently listened tones in another appearance. The Song-title gives you an idea about the arc of suspense you will go through this side of the vinyl. Dark atmospheric hardcore with hints of ambient passages that lock an intensity which seems to be only found very rarely nowadays.
On the other side Reka continue what they are known for since their vinyl-debut “renaissance”. With the songs “legacy” and “apostasy” Reka is delivering another two songs that have a massive impact. There’s a melancholy running through the entire songs that is used to get a certain draft.  Different tempi, additional riffs and a sense to built up various tensions on one side, on the other side simplicity used to break down a song to its fragments in a combination that doesn’t appears predictable is the endowment making this band special. Over fifteen minutes of passionate uplifting heavy post-hardcore bringing the bands progression to another level.
Both bands are working with less vocal-arrangements and let the music speak on its own. Once again the recording-quality is presented in a fascinating presence. The artwork was done by Victor Soldeus and the songs got pressed on 180g heavy vinyl.
Recommendable to everyone who’s into music played by Amen Ra, Cult Of Luna and Neurosis.

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