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Cock Sparrer - Hand On Heart LP GATEFOLD BLACK VINYL

2024 sees the release of Cock Sparrer's eighth studio album, Hand On Heart. The release of new material from this legendary band is always an event, a celebration, and an addition to the canon of classic punk rock. After over 50 years as one of the most influential punk bands on the planet, this album may just be their final word?although they thought the same of 2017's Forever, and it turned out there was still lots more to say after all!

The 10 tracks that comprise Hand on Heart will thrill the Cock Sparrer faithful with their iconic, anthemic sound, but the band still has surprises and new tricks up their sleeves, including a string arrangement by Simon Dobson (Bring Me The Horizon / Mike Oldfield) that lends a touch of class to the affair. With production overseen by James Bragg & guitarist Daryl Smith, as well as mastering by Grammy-winning engineer Kevin Tuffy, the lads sound better than ever, and for once, more of the budget went into the studio than down the pub!

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