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Conservative Military Image - One Year Of Dumb Skinhead Shit LP


Mysterious oi from the streets of Chicago, IL.
If there's one band that absolutely exploded the past year it is Conservative Military Image - and for good reasons!
The band released banger after banger through Battle Scarred Records (USA, cassette releases only) and of course their highly sought after vinyl records
through Lionheart Records (Germany) and the end is barely in sight.

A Total Lack Of Neck
For Club And Country
Generation Kill
The Way I Am
Barbwire Boot/AWOL Outro
I‘m Not Your Skinhead
Protective Posture
Cold Steel
No New Friends
Blue Boot
One For The Old Boys
Residence In Ambush
Physical Culture
Mob Handed Dominance
Perp Walk
Oliver Kahn

ermany) and the end is barely in sight.

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