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4 In The Chamber - Empires Collapse / Unstable Foundation LP

4 In The Chamber was part of that 90s hardcore wave of no musical limits and mixed bill shows, founded in 1995 by David M (Without A Cause, Apparition & Xtinguish the Code) on bass and Frankie G on guitars. 4ITC featured a two singer vocal attack of John and Cedric, Anthony on drums and Steve on second guitar & played non-stop in the NY,NJ,PA & Conn area.

Like everything the EP took a back burner as everyone’s health and well being was most important, but slowly things got back to normal and the EP began evolving with the 4ITC mantra of no limits on ideas and having fun Dave recruited BX drummer OG Tony Ortiz to lay down the drums, XTC guitarist G Flava handled guitars and XTC vocalist Lugo laid down the vocals all at Level Up studio, but still something was missing …..

A second vocalist would be added, none other than Orlando Furioso himself with XTC drummer Trey Bag (who played drums on 4ITCs “Memories Die”) was also back in the fold for live shows, but something was still missing ??? Finally the missing piece came home …. 4ITC original guitarist Frankie G was also back in the fold !!!!
Now the record was done … “Empires Collapse”, which is a blend of old school and new school HC with politically charged lyrics !!! Which will make old school fans happy and win over new fans alike and the best live line-up we could have asked for.

A-Side Empires Collapse EP
B-Side Unstoppable Foundation EP
(for the first time ever on vinyl, released back in 1997)
We finally made it to bring this classic NYHC banger for the first time on vinyl ever!

Releasedate is the 27th of October!
300 pieces in Babyblue Vinyl!
First to Come......!

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