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Angry Vets - Behind Enemy Lines LP

The songs are like an assault, short, angry and full of energy. Just play this record and through their music as well as the voice of the singer, you'll experience despair and frustration in their rawest form. Listen to "Hate Back" or "Dead Forever" and the despise they're spitting out against people who are giving in or gave up over the years attacks you through your speaker system. All the songs appear from the turn table like a wrecking ball, like a tsunami hitting the shore, gritty, aggravated and pissed off. There is no loser on this record. While they blow your adrenalin and anger through the roof, you just want to start a riot right away and a circle pit in your living room. It's like you're overdosed by Ritalin. In the songs there are great bass lines, awesome breaks, sing alongs and lyrics you can easily connect to. Their music is full of references and influences by bands like YOUTH OF TODAY, WARZONE or the 'MAGS'.

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