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Old Firm Casuals - Holger Danske LP

“Holger Danske” takes no prisoners. This album will turn heads and get hearts pumping. It’s tough as nails, and shows a band truly at their best; breaking barriers and stereotypes, and exemplifying the hooks and licks that cause so many people from so many different Rock ’N Roll spheres to love this band. 

Since 2010, The Old Firm Casuals have led the way, showing the ever-growing street punk/Oi! scenes the way it should be done. As authentic as Rock N’ Roll gets, LARS FREDERIKSEN (RANCID) and his band of crucaders have continually left their anthemic mark on the music world, and the swarms of diehards that turn up to support their explosive live performances across the world. The shift from being a band boxed into a “punk" or “Oi!” label is made abundantly clear with these songs. The Old Firm Casuals’ sound, message, and passion will not be put into a box. They are a true force to be reckoned with. Pick up this incredible new album and hear it for yourself!

Releasedate is the 15.03.2019!

Pressing Info:
Half White / Half Red Vinyl /1000!
Random Vinyl / 500 (comes out in Grey Marbled Vinyl, mix of all the leftover colors. Different like the one on the picture)
Green Vinyl /250
Color In Color /100
Gold /150 (Core Tex only)

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