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On Bodies - Unremarkably Mortal BLACK VINYL

The music lies squarely at the intersection of modern and 90s hardcore, colored with occasional streaks of metal and melody, and barrels forward at breakneck speed, while Moyal's vocals scold with commanding, rabid precision. And always, at the black, embittered heart of each song, is an uncomfortable and highly-critical sense of urgency and discontent.
The upcoming 12" combines the band's most recent effort, the 'Unremarkably Mortal EP', and their celebrated 'The Long Con' EP, making for one uncompromising exploration of existential themes, and an unapologetic lambasting of organized religion and zealotry.
Pressing Info:
300 Black Vinyl!
100 Grey Vinyl!
100 Yellow Vinyl!
Demons Run Amok Entertainment!

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