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Bitterness Exhumed - A Place Of Many Ghosts PRE-ORDER


Germany can be proud to have a new band like this. If you like your music sonically crippling, fucking heavy and outrageously seething with anger? Hey, we do too!!! So this band, aptly named BITTERNESS EXHUMED will be right up your alley, promise!BE is playing a brutal mix out of chaotic HC/Metal mixed with sludge, nearly doom styled breakdown parts.
Think of bands like Disembodied, Xibalba, Hierophant, Oathbreaker, Nails and the likes!

The album features 11 songs, some of them are rerecorded versions of songs from "Doomridden" and the self-titled EP, both sold outand the cover art is done by fucking Sin-eater!

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