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Bad Bloods, the - Deadbeats, Bastards & Lowlifes LP

American Streetpunk from Madrid, Spain? Right, it sounds very american, but it`s just an nice influence. They are far away from being Copycats! BAD BLOODS, founded in 2004 by formerly MAL CHANCE members, have a strong  U.S. feel in their songs, so it`s like an spanish version of BONECRUSHER meets early BLACK FLAG (pre-Henry!) meets BLOOD FOR BLOOD. And also the CLASH are in it! Hefty Streetpunk singalongs topped with a powerful Hardcore edge and rebellious lyrics in english. What`s about the topics of the lyrics? "As far as the subject of the lyrics they reflect personal experiences directly, street business and all the hatred and resentment that take inside after being all these years watching what happens around them". Yes, that`s the way we like it! 14 Tracks, incl. a superb cover of "20 eyes" by The MISFITS. Limited edition of 250 copies in coloured vinyl! Includes mp3 download code.

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