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Second Youth - Dear Road LP


Second Youth started in 2015 between long time best friends and touring companions, Dick Smith and André Suergiu. Andre' was the singer of the world famous HC band "The Gold Kids" and Dick is from London, and used to be in "The legacy", "Runes".
After spending all night recalling all the bands they grew up on during the late late 90’s and early 00’s that introduced the two in the first place, the two decided to go to the studio and write the songs they always wish they had played when they were younger. Hence, the name, Second Youth.
This band is about that period of your life when nothing else matters other than the music coming out of your stereo speakers. Veterans to life on the road, you will probably catch Second Youth playing their own style of the melodic, catchy and sing-a-long punk rock that rocked the 90’s.
If you are into Bands like GOOD RIDDANCE, BAD RELIGION, PENNYWISE, RANCID, DISTILLERS, NOFX, MILLENCOLLIN or SOCIAL DISTORTION, check this incredible band out, you will love it

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