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Die 116 - Damage Control LP


Released in 1994 by Wreck-Age Records, "Damage Control" was the debut EP of absolutely stellar post-hardcore from the painfully underrated (even to this day) Die 116—a band that featured the god damn legendary Gavin Van Vlack from Absolution and Burn (later of Big Collapse) on guitar and Andrew Gormley from Rorschach (later of Kiss it Goodbye and Playing Enemy) on drums. Offering up five tracks in a mere 16 minutes, it blows my mind that this band doesn't get more love out there these days, especially considering how many loosely comparable acts from the mid-90's have been held in such high regard during the past decade. As is generally the case when Van Vlack's slick guitar work is present, you can pick up on some sweet little technical flourishes and arpeggiated runs that have that Absolution/Burn ring to 'em, and there's a dash of the Rorschach approach buried in here as well—alongside a Quicksand-ish sort of vibe that's a little more rhythmic and angular, with less melody seeping into the pulsing undercurrents and discordant textures.

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