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Onward - These Words Still Pray LP


Used item but in very good shape! Vinyl near mint, sleeve very good+!
Forget all the things you´ve heard about the youth crew hype. Onward is re-difining shit. Setting standards for those after them they bust out a masterpiece of HC the way it should be in the eyes of many. Perfect songs structures, hook-lines, vocals and an overall awesome production.The style has been tried by a lot, but a lot have failed. Onward came back with a vengeance to show people that it´s possible to take a long break, change the line-up but remain one of the best bands Europe has to offer. The lyrics are straight to the point, at times cliché but never embarrassing. What can be said about the layout? You have to decide for yourself. It has all the elements you can find with Judge, DYS or Gorilla Biscuits but still not ripped off. Do yourself a favor and try to get this.

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