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Le Réveil Des Tropiques - Hallucinations Scéniques Vol.1 LP

So here is the first LE REVEIL DES TROPIQUES live record, the parisian quintet already released their first full length in 2012 (« s/t », already on Music Fear Satan) and performed for more than thirty gigs in 2013, including the famous « France Implosion Tour » during the spring of 2013.
Their music’s always improvised quality, be it on stage or in studio, makes their concerts both special and ephemerous moments which are regularly recorded by the band themselves. In collaboration with Music Fear Satan, the band chose to release their favorite gigs in a series of live albums called « hallucinations scéniques ». The first one was recorded in Nantes at «Liresse» in March 2013.
Being cut only once between the two sides, the album’s single track notably distances itself from their first full lenght with a flowing, instantaneous and instinctive quality to it. Being a psychedelic mix of kraut-rock, noise, post-rock and free-jazz, LE REVEIL DES TROPIQUES music is a journey, be it a chaotic or an oniric one.

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