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Blank Stare - Blank Stare 7"


"BLANK STARE is a powerful straight edge hardcore band from Boston. Their new 7"EP on Refuse Records contains 3 ripping songs with great thought-provoking lyrics. This is their third release, following a self-released debut 7" and a second 7" on Third Party Records in the US. Punching fast tempo hardcore with inredible amount of rage and energy with their own character. Leading with strong and angry pissed off vocals. Sounds like energy of Youth Of Today is mixed with guitar works coming from early days of Poison Idea with strong appearance of the good tradition of Boston Hardcore from the 80’s and fits well with more modern North American bands like Cut The Shit, Haymaker, No Time Left or Dead Nation – but with strong individuality out there. Extra point for good, direct and meaningful lyrics, targeting „not so popular and easy” issue in Hardcore like questioning violence, sexism and objectification of women (through language or porn pornography bullshit). Blank Stare is definitely a band from you can have high-expectations, both in the music and lyrical content.
Refuse Records!"

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