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Live By The Sword - Cernunnos CD


After carefully exploring the stylistic boundaries of the streetpunk genre in the early days, the Dutch-US brotherhood surprised the scene in 2020 with a unique blend of streetrock and metal on the EXPLORING SOLDIERS RISE album. Now CERNUNNOS marches right over all those borders and decimates them with full force! Never before in the band’s history has the hybrid of triumphal street rock ‘n’ roll, scorching metal riffs, heroic melodies and earth-shattering double bass drum collided as powerful as it does on CERNUNNOS!

After the Romans, and later on, Charles “The Great” wiped out entire reigning cultures, clans, tribes and customs from the European mainland, the foundation was laid for today’s system, society, values and morals. A similar course of events occurred at some point in time on every continent in today’s western (christian) world.
CERNUNNOS represents strong anti-modernist sentiments with concepts of pride, honour and inner integrity at work. Going back in history, glorifying old deities and the primordial forces of nature. Denying the power of progression and civilization that enslaves modern mankind.

Musically LIVE BY THE SWORD is charging further into unknown territories and away from scene clichés. Atmospheric passages contrast with thunderous powerhouse drumming by Sander van Baalen (ex The Devil’s Blood). Dark pagan back metal riffing built from and return to firm streetrock beats and leads. All bound together by classic song structures and the fierce and glorious vocals of Erick Barnes.

The production for the album was an inside job, with celebrated sound engineer Freek De Greef not only laying down heavy and tight bass lines, but providing the new album with a heavy vintage, yet fresh, blasting mix and production as well. The recordings were done in three different studios located on two continents.

The album release and distribution is handled within the band’s inner circle as well. Founding member, guitarist and songwriter Wouter Davids also runs both Rebellion Records and Cosmic Key Creations and is releasing the CERNUNNOS album simultaneously on both of his record labels.

The band teamed up again with the incomparable Johan Prenger, who provided no less than 4 majestic paintings that have been featured in the artwork. Also, 2 drawings were added from the Catalonian warrior of brutal arts Ramon Girones. Furthermore, the lyrics for “Sacrifice” were written by Richard Walker of SOLSTICE fame, who happened to be a great supporter of the band since the very start.

The Dutch-American power faction is back with its most powerful and glorious release to date. 2023 will be the year of the sword!


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