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Booze & Glory - Raising The Roof LP

It's been a long time since the world felt normal.
This album really makes you feel like the world hasn't changed, somehow. This band has changed though, albeit subtly. PUNK hasn't really changed though. The
reason why you love PUNK, and the reason why this band matters and why we all love them so much is showcased by the four tracks on this record, absolutely!
It's an EP, but it says all that needs to be said. It makes you feel why being a part of punk is important. We are a family, a culture, or a subculture if you want to call
it that... But to us, it's just culture, family and where we all feel at HOME. It's just who we are.
Booze and Glory exemplify that. These songs ring true, speak volumes, and show why this band is so important to a musical movement with such a diverse
yet globally unified social fabric.
Its unquestionable that the past two years have changed the world, changed music, changed punk, and changed how we all feel about everything... and this
album will make you realize that the way you feel about Booze and Glory may have changed too - but only in a good way!
From one end of the world to the other, these songs ring true, speak volumes, and symbolize and embolden the true values and love that exist within the
greater punk community.
Love the love. BOOZE AND GLORY. Raise that proverbial roof, all the way up! Oi! Oi!

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