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Aggros - Rise Of The Aggros LP

THE AGGROS is the instrumental Hardcore/Metal brand from OG Cro-Mag songwriter and founder Parris Mayhew. AGGROS have self-released two pre-single songs/videos Chaos Magic and City Kids, songs that are included on the upcoming DEBUT album RISE OF THE AGGROS to be released March 1, 2023. The videos for the singles are viewable only on Parris' YouTube channel. The debut album, RISE OF THE AGGROS will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows his high school band and the groundbreaking albums he made with them, THE AGGROS is simply a continuation for Parris as a songwriter, producer and guitarist, so it will be what fans expect and then some! Some people have called AGGROS "progressive hardcore" but it's NYHC to the core. The album also features some blazing guitar solos by Chuck Lenihan from CRUMBSUCKERS, blistering drums by COBZ, and Roy Mayorga joined Parris on drums for the track FEAR VIEW MIRROR..

Parris comments, "I believe that every song should be a journey, there should be a clear introduction to set up the listener for the ride, and a ceremonious feeling of arrival at a destination to be experienced and a few musical surprises along the way, music should surprise you, and of course all great songs should have a feeling that the journey is complete, the catharsis, a lesson Parris learned from both Motorhead and Rush. Motorhead particularly in that within their deceptively simple approach there always comes a thoughtful, surprising and very musical ending, songs should have great endings. And an album should be the over arching story, I hope you enjoy the trip.

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