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Gang Green - Another Case Of Brewtality LP

First time ever on viny! Edited down to 19 tracks (compared with 23-track original CD version), but plus single tracks "I Fear" and "Outta This Place". Boston's snottiest metal-core practitioners return with an economical album packing plenty of fluid guitar punch. "Eviction Party!" and "This Job Sucks" have no trouble upholding the brattiness of yore. However, neither does the band champion self-abuse for its own sake, as "Out on the Couch"'s bleary-eyed boozer makes plain. "I'll Worry About It Monday," "I Missed It," "Living in Oblivion," and "Accidental Overdose" issue similar admonitions to straighten out before self-destruction takes over. Still other songs warn against nursing grudges ("Death of the Party"), forgetting to communicate ("Don't You Know"), and sexual jealousy ("Tricked into Bed...Again"). The group also displays a serious political outlook on "6,000 Crucified Slaves" and a righteously angry rampage through Stiff Little Fingers' anti-British standard, "Suspect Device." The mood is crisp and economical, with few songs breaking the two-and-a-half-minute barrier. Musically speaking, Gang Green remains grounded in hardcore punk, bolstered by the mile-a-minute leads typically associated with speed metal and effective use of tempo changes. This is Gang Green's most accomplished effort...

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