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Mette Nenschen - Suicide Flashmob LP

METTE NENSCHEN. Angry songs. Angry lyrics. Musically it`s based on traditional Hardcore values??: Brute staccato guitars riffs with sharpened metal edge, driving drum beats and hateful vocals. VARUKERS/DISCHARGE style, or the unforgiving hardness of EXPLOITED to "Beat the bastards" times. MN would also fit well on PUNK CORE Records or CHARGED Records as the German answer to CASUALTIES, VIRUS or CHEAP SEX. Thru the german texts, the album reminds also on local forefathers like TOXOPLASMA. Similar venomous. similar angry.
Hard times, hard (german) lyrics. No mercy for cops, priests, government and society. Gloomy doomsday scenarios made from Magdeburg/Germany, no music for dreamers and optimists. 13 times a conflagration, a rabid Hardcore punk apocalypse. "All the actions that we see every day, are the consequences of this sick system!" No Amen. It`s doomsday, buddy.

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