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Heksebrann - Transcendence LP


Releasedate is the 2nd of September!

Heksebrann delivers filthy heavy rock - right from the heart of Saxony!
Inspired by the common vision of a distinctive sound, Julius, Mario, and Marko traveled to Norway in 2016 in order to form their band. By car, they made their way between sharp cliffs and wild fjords, right through the rough nature. Snowstorms and hail pushed them to their physical and mental limits along the way. What they found on their journey was something that probably every band wishes to find: song material without end. Surrounded by the unique Nordic atmosphere, they created their seminal song "The Hunt", which was released as a demo on tape in 2017. In this highly creative phase, they also laid the foundation for many more songs, which were then released in 2020 on their debut album "Spiritual Descending".
This untamed violence of the Norwegian wilderness has been a mood-setting moment in the musical development of the band and still cuts a swath through every song of the three guys from Görlitz. The basic idea of mysticism, nature, and spirituality, which was the initial spark, has been preserved as a vision and guiding principle for the band. Thus spirituality for Heksebrann is not a question of definition, but floats, as on their artwork between the spheres and is not tangible from the outside. The band's musical focusis to deliver a unique sound that gets stuck between the ears and forces every listener to headbang. Their music is distinctively influenced by heavy rock bands like Motörhead and High on Fire, but also stands out with progressive parts like those found in Kvelertak and Solstafir.

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