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Starts - We Win, We Lose We Stay Together LP

No frippery, no overdubs, no 200 track-recording, no high gloss production: The new STARTS album, number four in the band's discography, sounds pleasantly out of time: Stripped-down hardcore punk with 80s basics (early VARUKERS meets THE EXPLOITED in their SECRET phase) and 90s Eastside (of Germany) spirit. 6 songs, pleasant "underproduced", less is clearly more here. 

Closer to their roots like "Nutzt die Nacht" (debut long player from 2004) than the 2010 "The next attack" album. 

The lyrics (mostly German, except for the English sung "Never ends") cement the stubborn "Against" status, are angry reflections/reactions to our completely depraved society and its various wrong ways (Social media etc.). 

Hefty punches with a clear message, welcome to nearly 20 minutes of a "STARTS-as-fuck" stampede

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