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Right For Life - Straight Hardcore Demo 1996 LP

Originally out as a demo tape in 96', this LP is a piece of history of the french hardcore scene. The number 2 of the "For Fans Only Serie" and definitely a collectable item. You got here great colored LPs with songs re-edited and mastered for an exclusive 2021 experience. ULTRA limited press run (40 copies and 60 copies), high quality pressing and a wonderful 30 x 30 cm 12 pages booklet with full colored pictures, archives and never seen before logos, designs, pictures. In addition you'll also get specific "secret goodie" for each version. Buy them all and connect to the complete spirit of a crucial time in both french and European hardcore history. Here captured forever.

- LP mix of clear, yellow and black wax (40 copies) SOLD OUT!
- LP on marbled solid yellow with white (60 copies)
- 30 x 30 cm 12 pages booklet
- Lyrics, never seen before full color pictures and MANY archives
- secret goodie #1 w/40 copies edition
- secret goodie #2 w/60 copies edition
- Download coupon comes ONLY with the secret goodie
- Second release of the "FFOS" (For Fans Only Serie)

First press run :
Clear, yellow and black wax - 40 copies SOLD OUT!
Marbled solid yellow with white - 60 copies
OG Demo tape - 4 versions for a total of approx. 500 copies

Tracklisting :
1. Understand
2. Aspiration for purification
3. Can't you see
4. Free mind
5. I won't give in
6. Set them free
7. Hardcore youth
8. Fugitive man
9. Outro

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