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Right For Life - Demo Live 1995 LP

Right 4 Life's first show ever, pressed on vinyl with lots of extra printed stuff. This is a powerful old school live but also, or mainly, a wonderful object that testimonies the history of hardcore in Europe and France. Truly a collectable item ! Limited to a total 100 pieces
Witness the early days of the band right before the french and the european scene explosion. You will fill your ears with a live set off crude, uncompromising, pissed off and

- LP on petrol blue transparent wax (40 copies) SOLD OUT!
- LP on marbled sky blue (60 copies)
- 30 x 90 cm poster
- Lyrics, never seen before full color pictures
- secret goodie #1 w/40 copies edition
- secret goodie #2 w/60 copies edition
- Download coupon comes ONLY with the secret goodie (pasted on it)
- First release of the "FFOS" (For Fans Only Serie)

First press run :
Test press - 5 copies
Petrol blue transparent vinyl - 40 copies SOLD OUT!
Marbled sky blue vinyl - 60 copies
OG Demo tape - 100 to 105 copies

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