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New Dawn - The Wicked Shall Not Rule LP

New Dawn released its first recording as a one side 12’’. 
7 songs of brutal and to the point old school hardcore.
No mess, no fuss, just pure hardcore.
This is their NEW lp (out 1st march 2022). Now a four pieces with Guillaume on bass, the band evolved slightly on this recording. A strong early NYHC touch as well as late 80's influences. This LP has got a street music's vibe (My streets, Dangers) with many heavy & catchy riffs (Hollow, Lies are law) as well as an overall feeling linked to spirituality (Show no mercy).
T.W.S.N.R refers to the important transformations humanity is going thru right now as well as alchemy principles. We consider this to be an other great LP pushing hard-core feeling to the truest they could offer. Let's bet they are putting french hardcore on the map with this opus.

- LP release on 2 colored versions (100 / 150 copies)
- Two sides printed inner sleeve on art paper
- Extra label on side B
- 3 alternative covers for the test press
- 45 rpm

First press run :
Total of 265 copies
Test press - 15 copies with special insert (on 3 versions with alternative covers, 5 copies each)
Oxblood / black, half-half wax (99 copies)
Oxblood wax (150 copies)

Tracklisting :
1. Quiet me
2. Dangers
3. Hollow
4. Lies are law
5. My streets
6. Fight !
7. Show no mercy

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