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Mister X - Worst In Ex - USSR Since 2003 LP

MISTER X have long made a name for themselves. Founded in 2003 in the western Belarusian city of Grodno, the band quickly developed into one of the figureheads of the anti-racist skinhead scene in Eastern Europe. Their texts deal with their subcultural identity, everyday life and the problems of the working class as well as clear statements against racism and all forms of exclusion and oppression. MISTER X have released three long players, a split album with the Moscow hardcore band WHAT WE FEEL as well as several EPs, demos and sampler contributions. After several tours all over Europe, including repeated appearances with FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET and MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE, the present compilation now offers a cross-section of the band’s almost 20-year history and makes all creative phases and some rare titles for the first time also a wider audience accessible. The publication is the continuation of the collaboration between MISTER X, Audiolith and Fire and Flames Music, which began in 2018, but also a current political statement of international solidarity.

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