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Violators - The No Future Years LP

The compilation of their releases on No Future Records on vinyl for the first time. To this day, Violators and their story – one of massive potential and missed opportunity – is regarded as an emigma within the history of punk music. The nature and timing of Helen and Coley’s departure was at a time when the band had finally begun to understand each other as musicians and were about to get into their creative stride as the band’s popularity was spreading fast to every corner of Britain’s punk community. While they’ve given us some fine punk classics, you can’t help but wonder of the legacy this great band may have left behind if they’d only got their shit sorted out.

1 Die With Dignity 3:13
2 Government Stinks 2:21
3 Pointless Slaughter 2:07
4 Gangland 5:48
5 Fugitive 4:26
6 Summer Of '81 3:25
7 Live Fast Die Young 3:07
8 Life On The Red Line 3:13
9 Crossings Of Sangsara 3:33
10 Affections (Taboo) 2:25
11 Slow Down (Taboo) 3:05
12 Young Blades (Taboo) 3:35
13 Revenge (Crossings Of Sangsara - Diff Mix) 3:30
14 Life On The Red Line (Diff Mix - Edited Version) 4:16

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