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Apocalypse Now - Empires Fall CD


EMPIRES FALL is the much anticipated sophomore album from Paris' APOCALYPSE NOW and it doesn't disappoint one bit.

Still in the same vein as their debut GSR album CONFRONTATION WITH GOD, APOCALYPSE NOW show a new maturity with their song writing that builds on their formula of bringing tight riffing and crushing intensity to new levels by incorporating killer hooks that don't overdo it on the melody, but give just enough to bring more diversity to their sound, giving birth to a raging album that encapsulates the listener more and more with every listen.

APOCALYPSE NOW's progression is clear and concise and EMPIRES FALL showcases that progression full on with every crushing hammer that is each song.

Wearing their influences on their sleeves, yet still throwing in their own style, APOCALYPSE NOW's roots remain true to Thrash Metal and Metallic New York hardcore.

EMPIRES FALL is a passionate, energetic offering that will have heads banging and moshpits slamming from left to right and front to back.

This album was made to be heard live and played in big venues and judging from this record, that is what will come to APOCALYPSE NOW.

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