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Painmask - Are You Prepared To Meet The Truth CD


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After the fall of the band Incision, the remaining members rose from the ashes with a new name and a new musical direction.
Drawing from a wide array of influences, the music of Painmask meshes old-school speed metal with heavy hardcore grooves to create a sound which is memorable without sacrificing any of it's brutality. It's a non-stop sonic barrage which blends a raw, metallic attack with hardcore sensability. From grinding blast beats to massive power-chord dirges, there's plenty of aggression to be found in the Painmask style.
The Painmask live show is a powerful display of energy and in it's short history, the band has shared the stage with national acts such as Biohazard, Hatebreed, Madball, Blood for Blood, All Out War, Candiria, Diecast and 25 ta Life, as well as the best of the hardcore underground like Irate, Blood Has Been Shed, Inner Dam, Beneath the Remains, From Autumn To Ashes and recently-signed labelmates Billyclub Sandwich.

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