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Company, the - Memories Are Made Of This CD


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The Company emerged in the year 2007 in Roeselare, Belgium, out of former H8000 bands Core Of Anger (R.I.P), Solid (R.I.P) and Zero X Tolerance (R.I.P). We play Blood For Blood and Sheer Terror influenced old school hardcore, slow but heavy. Combined with raw clean vocals singing autobiographical lyrics about the life of the band members. In 2008 a DIY demo was made, limited to 100 copies, which got sold out within a month. The band has an outcast position in the H8000 scene, not playing the usual metallic sound. That didn’t stop us from playing several gigs all around the H8000 area. At the end of the year 2009, we went into the Closed Session Studio in our hometown to record 6 tracks for our new cd titled “Memories are made of this” The tracks are mixed & mastered by AK, the former guitarplayer for H8000 band Vitality and currently steady soundguy on the Carcass and Napalm Death tours.

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