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Rude Pride - Take It As It Comes CD


Rude Pride from Madrid follow the path they've took two years ago when they've surprised the scene with their debut „Be True To Yourself“. You will get twelve melodic and powerful songs, which are all sung in english language. If you want Rude Pride, you'll get Rude Pride. Their courageous lyrics, dealing with the daily struggle of the Working Class and the proletariat never feel fake or embarrassing. One thing clearly stands out beside their lyrics: the  - always a bit hoarse - vocals of front man Miguel. Definitely a trademark of the band. With their classic, Perkele-like Oi! Punk, sometimes spiced up with some keyboard tunes, the band is creating something special – maybe you will call it „modern“ - or just call it the typical Rude Pride sound. A bit Rocksteady and their dominant Oi! Punk - Rude Pride break down the walls, because it's not just Punk, not just Oi!, it's a great mix of the sound of bands such Perkele, Redskins, Red London or Newtown Neurotics.

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